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    ) Survival Jack was founded by a serving Army soldier. In his course of duty, He witnessed a lot of people suffering because of lack of proper disaster/ emergency preparation. Most of these people would have had it a lot easier had their equipped themselves with simple tools, some of them the size of a credit card. In some scenarios, possessing survival equipment can be the determining factor between life and death!
    He founded Survival Jack to help raise awareness on disaster/ emergency preparedness and also make available to the masses tools and equipment that would come in handy during emergency situations.
    His experience in the Army has helped him know which tools are most necessary for survival. Soldiers are often sent on far away missions at short notice. Most of these missions are in areas with harsh terrain and unforgiving weather. The brave men and women are expected to survive in those conditions with little resources as they can only take with them limited amounts of cargo. This situation is very similar to an emergency situation. A victim of an emergency is forced to evacuate with little time to pack and with only a limited amount that he or she can leave with. Sometimes the capacity is limited to what the person’s body can bear, most times a backpack. Such situations demand that one maximizes on the limited space and time and is able to prioritize what to take.
    Survival equipment and tools are built for these situations. Some are multi-function and can serve several purposes. They are light and compact making them ideal for emergencies as one can pack several tools in a standard backpack which would weigh only a few pounds. These tools are however pricey and one may not afford to buy all the tools/ equipment required to survive an emergency.
    Survival Jack stocks these very important items at affordable prices without compromising on quality. We have negotiated with our suppliers and are able to bring you these products at very fair prices. The best thing about purchasing these items is that they sit won’t lie idle waiting for gloom and doom, they can be used around the house and are also very handy for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. These items are at home with the fun moments too!
    We promise to keep our word on listed items. Should the product delivered to you be inconsistent with the description on the page or should you change your mind after you make an order, we will allow you to return the product and we’ll fully refund you.
    We will from time to time run promotions in our store. On top of that, we will post survival and camping tips on our blog. We request that you leave your e-mail and you will be sure to get a heads-ups on upcoming deals and survival tips right in your inbox!
    Thanks for your interest in our company.